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Who are we?

The North West Hunt Saboteurs Association (NWHSA), is an organisation that is dedicated to the saving of the lives of hunted animals by using non-violent direct action.

This week, there will be someone trying to torture and kill innocent wild animals for sport within a few miles of where you live. We're going to be there to stop them...Will you?

Our actions mean the difference between life and death for hunted animals.

Paul Timpson (Manchester)
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Who Choose Us?

The North West Hunt Sabs have many years experience in dealing with hunts and shoots

Hunting and shooting

We use tactics that have been proven to be effective in saving the lives of 1000's of animals.

Always watching

Hunt sabs are always watching and will intervene when necessay to save the life of a hunted animal.

Photo and video evidence

Hunts sabs use photographic and video evidence to record illegal hunting and any other breaches of the law.


Hunt sabs use a range of equipment such as gizmos, body cameras and drones in their fight against bloodsports.

Have a problem with your local hunt or shoot?


What we do

fox hunt sab

Fox and hare hunting

Read the best way to stop a hunt from killing a fox or a hare

mink hunt sab

Mink hunting

How to stop a mink hunt by following our simple tactics

grouse shoot sab

Pheasant and grouse shooting

How to stop or disrupt a grouse or pheasant shoot


01Aug 2019

Charges against a hunt saboteur have been dropped after a confrontation with a councillor was caught on camera.

24July 2019

A pair of anti-hunt protesters (hunt sabs) who had been accused of assault following a clash with a landowners’ agent have been cleared of the charges.

10June 2019

Huntsman who fed fox cubs to fox hounds SPARED jail and can still keep animals. Paul Oliver, 16 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. Hannah Rose, 12 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. Paul Reece and Julie Elmore received a conditional discharge.

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