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Sab blowing a hunting horn

Hunting horn and voice calls

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Hunting Horn Calls (download PDF transcript)

The use of a horn by the huntsman is integral to fox hunting and other hunting activities where hounds hunt their quarry by scent. It is employed as a signal from the huntsman to his hounds or followers to indicate what is required or to denote what is happening.

Introduction to horn calls Moving off
Calling hounds out of blank cover Blowing away
Calling the whipper in The kill
Blowing for the pack Function of a hunting horn
Drawing Doubling the horn
Stopping the hounds Gone to ground
Blowing for home Training hounds for the horn

Hunting Voice Calls (download PDF transcript)

In combination with the horn, the huntsman’s voice connects him with the hounds, his staff and all the people out on a hunting day following on horseback, on foot or in vehicles.

The volume and tone of human voices vary according to styles of speaking, accent and also depending on how fresh or fatigued an individual is. The same is true for huntsmen who also employ differing styles in their work. However, basic principles do exist.

Introduction to voice calls Exultant
Bike Holloa
Harrk fo-or-orrad Tally-ho
Tally-over A rolled tongue
Function of the Huntsman's voice Vocabulary of hunting
Loo in try Huic
Huic holloa Tally-ho back

Thanks to The International Fund for Animal Welfare, The League Against Cruel Sports and RSPCA for the info above as it was copied from The Hunting Act - Information and Resources -

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