North West Hunt Saboteurs

Hounds killed and injured after chasing a fox - 12/02/08

The Crawley and Horsham hunt chased a fox over the the A281 just north of Shermanburry, Partridge Green, W. Sussex, which resulted in two hounds being struck by a woman motorist (Helen Daniel) returning from a mother and toddler group. Although the car was badly damaged the woman driver claimed a huntsman shouted "its not damaged, just drive on." When monitors tried to video the huntsman with the injured hound, hunt whipper in, Freddie Morby shouted "are you fucking sick" as he desperately tried to ensure the injured hounds were not filmed.

Another member of the mother and toddler group (Lisa Morris) pulled up immediately behind Helen Daniel and was told by the hunt to move on. When she saw the injured hound still blinking, and demanded the huntsman deal with it, she claims she was abused. When she pulled up further, the hounds crossed back over the road, and she stated she said to the hunt: "I expect you are upset you did not get your fox," and was met with a "torrent of abuse."

Hunt master Anthony Sandeman, who was on foot and was not a witness but arrived later, told hunt monitors, the "driver was going too fast".

Hunt monitors from West Sussex Wildlife Protection, said: The Crawley and Horsham hunt are entering their hounds in the most dense woodland undergrowth in a deliberate attempt to chase foxes. Occasionally they play a charade with riders having new dusters on the end of a whip who run wildly around when monitors turn up, and for the first time last week, when filmed by a Country Sports TV company, they used two runners with "Trail Layer 1" and "Trail Layer 2" on their backs; although monitors claim their was not an atom of scent on the socks they dragged!

This incident reveals the truth, with hounds crossing a busy road at least twice in full cry and running from dense woodland when no trail could ever be laid.

In the 2006-7 season the Crawley and Horsham hunt tried to circumvent the Hunting Act 2004 by using an Eagle Owl, and claiming an exemption allowed their hounds to flush out foxes from cover. While the hunt has abandoned this method on police advice, they continue to hunt illegally.

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