North West Hunt Saboteurs

Another hunt endangers public, again

At 12:47 on Thursday, February 13th 2008, Lee Russell was driving his car from Birdlip to Gloucester along the Buckholt road - running from the B4070 westwards to the A46. When suddenly a hound ran across the road causing him to perform an emergency stop. His brakes locked.

He narrowly missed the animal by only feet. A pack of approximately 40-50 hounds from the Cotswold Hunt then ran onto the road in front of him, causing havoc.

Lee Russell said "There was no one in the area in charge of the pack, I could see for about 50 yards on the right side of the road and about 25 yards on the left side." He continued "The dogs were running from right to left across the road and were obviously in a state of excitement. It seemed to me that the hound were clearly not under control."

Andrea Hill of Huntwatch say, "Are we meant to believe that the Cotswold hunt laid a trail over a public road, or is it more likely that they were hunting a live fox? We have lost count of the number of times that we have both witnessed and heard of hunts endangering the public, themselves and, not least, their hounds. The very day previous to this incident, February 12th, Crawley and Horsham hunt hounds were killed and injured chasing a fox over the busy A281 road just north of Shermanbury in West Sussex (details below). The motorist could not avoid the hounds on her return from a mother and toddler group. Both she and a witness were verbally abused by the hunt. The absent hunt master later blamed the motorist for driving "too fast" - even though he had not witnessed the incident. It would seem that these accidents are anybody's fault but the hunt's in question. Responsible caretakers of our countryside? We think not."

In March 2006, Cotswold Hunt memebers recieved an ASBO - The warning notices were issued to Bob Cooper, senior master, and two joint masters, after several occasions in which the hunt was said to have trespassed on private land.

Lamerton Hunt hound knocked down by motorist near Lewdown and taken to vets in January 2008

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